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Farscape DVD 4.1

Farscape DVD 4.1

Crichton Kicks—Continuing work on his theories of wormhole technology, Crichton ekes out an existence on board Elack-an old, dying Leviathan. The peace is shattered by the intrusion of a female alien, Sikozu, and a squad of Grudek mercenaries intent on harvesting Elack’s neural tissue. Crichton fights to save his new home.
I’m in two minds about this episode. I liked it because it was well-paced (and b/c it’s Farscape), but I found the dialog a little hard to pick up, so I wasn’t really sure why Sikozu was running from the Grudek’s. I also found that the story seemed badly edited, which made it even harder to follow. It gets a 7 because it wasn’t boring or cringey it certainly wouldn’t be a favorite episode, and thinking about it, this ep wasn’t the best way to kick-off Season 4. 🙁
6/10 7/10
4.02 What Was Lost: Part I: SacrificeCrichton, Chiana, and Rygel are reunited with D’Argo and Jool at an archaeological site run by Jool’s people (the Interions). The purpose of the dig is to find a missing probe that might reverse the planet’s dangerous atmospheric conditions. Peacekeepers led by Grayza land and capture the crew, and Crichton finds himself unable to fight back, mysteriously compelled to do Grayza’s bidding.
Now this was a much better episode. Again, it’s well-paced with no filler storyline. However, as with Crichton Kicks, I found that the editing and dialog made it a bit hard to follow. Perhaps all will be revealed in Part II? 🙂
A: I could go the rest of my life without seeing this episode again. Granny was annoying, the creature from the Black Lagoon was rubbish, and the whole episode was dren (IMHO).
3/10 8/10
Farscape DVD 4.2

Farscape DVD 4.2

What Was Lost: Part II: ResurrectionD’Argo and Sikozu come up with a plan to crash Elack onto the Peacekeeper pursuit craft, facilitating their escape. Crichton is forced to consort further with Grayza to ensure success. When the plan goes awry, the crew begins a search for the probe that will reverse the planet’s deadly atmospheric conditions, but an unexpected enemy stops them in their tracks.An OK episode to conclude the story. Not a great ep, and you can tell that the show is finding its feet as it starts the 4th Season. Ben recently stated that he thought the lack of Aeryn in the first few episodes of Season 4 was a mistake, and I tend to agree. Without Aeryn, the dynamic seems a little ‘off’? 3/10 7/10
4.04 Lava’s a Many Splendid ThingAfter a forced landing, the crew is divided by an elaborate trap that leaves Crichton, D’Argo, Noranti, and Rygel underground in a larva-filled system of caves. Chiana and Sikozu are left outside trying to reactivate D’Argo’s ship.B) This was Farscape’s 4th Season attempt at humor. It pays off in parts (mostly Ben), but overall, the episode is like something you’d expect to see in an episode of Power Rangers. Average, and we’re still left waiting for Season 4 to kick off.
A) These first 4 Episodes are just terrible. I can’t believe the producers thought they’d get new audiences with these Episodes. An experiment gone horribly wrong. 🙁
3/10 6/10
4.05 PromisesCrichton and the crew are reunited on Moya. Crichton finds Aeryn suffering from heat delirium and under the care of Scorpius, who wants asylum. Soon after, a giant ship appears and the leader claims that Aeryn was involved in an assassination on his home planet. He has infected Aeryn with a biological agent to which only he has the cure . . .Finally. Season 4 comes good! Aeryn, Scorpius, and the dynamic between Crichton and them really gives this episode an edge. The story about the leader wanting Aeryn dead is OK, but it’s really the chemistry between the main players that makes this a good episode.
A) I think this episode could’ve been better. It was just filler to explain what Aeryn was doing during the 4 Episodes in which she didn’t appear.
6/10 9/10
Farscape DVD 4.3

Farscape DVD 4.3

Natural ElectionCrichton correctly predicts a wormhole’s appearance near Moya, but simultaneously, a giant space plant captures the Leviathan. An attack with D’Argo’s ship only succeeds in sending the plant into Moya’s conduits, making it even more difficult to kill. Eventually, an agent is found that will repel the plant, but it only exists in Scorpius’ cooling rods. In order to save Moya, Crichton will have to place trust in his arch nemesis.This is a good episode, although the synopsis makes it sound a bit silly. It’s not an overly memorable episode, but it’s certainly better than some of the ‘bad’ episodes that Farscape can put forth. Overall, I enjoyed it. 🙂 7/10 8/10
4.07 John QuixoteChiana and Crichton are sucked into a game world rules over by a virtual Stark who sends Crichton on a quest to ‘Kiss the Princess’. To escape the game, they are forced to battle old friends and enemies in fantastic guises. Meanwhile, aboard Moya, Scorpius escapes and brings the crew under his control.B:  This Episode was written by Ben Browder. An insight into what goes on in the man’s mind??? LOL! There are parts that are really ‘out there’; there are parts that are genuinely tense; there are parts that are humorous; and there are parts that are poignant. The only parts I didn’t like were the ‘out there’ elements, but I think that those probably appeal to a certain sense of humor. All-in-all, it’s a very good episode. Kudos to Ben for the well-conceived story!A:  Don’t do Star Trek. Seriously, this is ‘If Wishes Were Horses’ (DS9) and a similar episode of Voyager. The difference, though, is that they were well written, with characters you cared about. The subtext could also be easily referenced. The only saving grace of this episode is that the end with Zhaan is beautifully written, and Aeryn’s princess character is genuinely funny. Virginia Hey is amazing, and that’s why this Episode gets a 7 from me. 7/10 8/10
4.08 I Shrink therefore I AmWhen Moya is raided by bounty hunters working for the Peacekeepers, every crew member is captured except for Crichton and Noranti. The armored intruders shrink the captives and imprison them inside holding cavities in their torsos-if Crichton harms them, he endangers his friends as well. Finding that Scorpius is also free and on the run, Crichton teams up with him to fight off the menace, unaware that the leader of the bounty hunters has a hidden agenda.This was a really excellent episode. It’s pacey, and the sheer amount of characters keeps the story going and your interest up at all times. The villains are clever, which is refreshing for any series. The finale sets the scene for what could become a very interesting turn of events for the Farscape crew. However, considering all that they’ve been through, it may just be ‘par for the course’! 8/10 9/10
Farscape DVD 4.4

Farscape DVD 4.4

A Perfect MurderThe crew lands on a planet divided by generations of clan war. After experiencing strange hallucinations, Aeryn is subliminally coerced into assassinating a clan leader. When Crichton also starts having hallucinations, they must uncover the planet’s political machinations in order to prevent more killings.Oh dear. This episode fails on so many levels. To start with, it feels as though the audience is coming in half-an-hour late. And to exacerbate this, there’s nothing to compensate or fill-in the blanks!? The second failure is the silly animatronic, horned ‘priest’; what were they thinking? Finally, there’s a romance that’s never explained, and Chiana is ostracized by the people on the planet, but it’s so badly told that you’re left wondering. The only half-decent thing about this episode is the pace, as it’s pretty consistent, and you’re not bored at all. Maybe it’s because you’re just confused instead? 1/10 5/10
4.10 Coup By ClamWhile a quarantine high above the patriarchal planet Khurtanan, the crew shares a meal of alien mollusks and almost instantaneously suffers a violent physical reaction. Each crew member becomes bodily linked to one of the others. Crichton to Sikozu; Aeryn to Rygel, and so on. Is soon becomes clear that they have been deliberately poisoned by the local doctor and are being blackmailed in exchange for the cure.Oh dear, part II. This DVD can be skipped entirely. 2 out of 2 episodes are dire. *sigh*. At least in this episode, there’s no confusion. Just a thin plot that the writers attempt to cover with humor, and not very good humor at that. Ben in drag is reasonably funny, but the rest is just gutter humor. Who was the bright writer that thought that seeing Noranti urinate was funny? Add to that the cure that requires that each person drink the other’s urine, and you start to see why this episode is so bad. The doctor is also like a bad Les Patterson. Dire, dire stuff. 1/10 4/10
Farscape DVD 4.6

Farscape DVD 4.6

Unrealized RealityCrichton is sucked down a wormhole he correctly senses will appear near Moya.  Within ‘wormhole limbo’ he is confronted by an inter-dimensional being who is intent on discovering why Crichton was entrusted with this knowledge.  The alien sends Crichton through various ‘realities’ of past events to illustrate how dangerous wormhole knowledge can be if it is misused.Thank goodness Farscape finally feels like it’s back on common ground.  This is a bit like the Matrix Reloaded, except that this came first! 😉  It’s a very good episode with a lot of complex concepts, which give the episode-and Farscape in general-a great feeling of credulity after such terrible episodes in Season Four. 9/10
4.12 KansasThe crew travels through a wormhole to Earth, 1985, and Crichton finds that he has somehow disastrously changed the course of time: his father Jack is now slated to fly the doomed Challenger mission.  Lying low in Crichton’s home town, the ‘aliens’ use the timely Halloween celebrations to remain (almost) anonymous, while Crichton tries to revert the timeline-in the process putting his younger self in mortal danger.I like the Farscape’s continual nod to 20th Century culture.  This is, obviously, called ‘Kansas’ because it’s the episode where John returns to Earth (a la Wizard of Oz).  It’s well told and pacey, and it’s somewhat humorous watching the crew adjusting to Earth (the highlight of which is Rygel on a sugar-buzz).  This is Farscape doing what it does best-not what the studio wanted them to do (read: early Season 4).  Farscape Season 4 can finally be watched without having to hold one’s head in shame.  Good stuff.  🙂 9/10
Farscape DVD 4.5

Farscape DVD 4.5

Terra FirmaThe crew returns to Moya-in orbit around modern-day Earth-to find Jack and a contingent of Earth dignitaries waiting for them.  The aliens are introduced to an amazed and apprehensive public, but soon find life in the public eye difficult.  As Crichton tries to readjust to life on Earth, his relationships become strained, especially with Aeryn.  Meanwhile, a monstrous Assassin sent by Grayza hunts for Crichton and will stop at nothing to accomplish its mission.This was yet another good episode, apart from the amateurish creature that was stalking John & Co.  But leaving the alien aside, the episode was well written and well paced.  As usual, the acting is strong, and the heart-strings are pulled as Aeryn tries to come to terms with John’s behavior toward her. 9/10
4.14 Twice ShyChiana purchases Talikaa, an abused slave girl from a passing Trading Ship.  When the crew starts acting strangely and Talikaa goes missing, they realize she may not be as innocent as she first seemed.  The crew tracks down the Trading Ship only to find its occupants have succumbed to a painful death-the result of a neural-harvesting alien arachnid.  When it is revealed that the arachnid is Talikaa’s true form, Moya’s crew must hunt down Talikaa before they suffer the same fate.This episode was OK.  I enjoyed it, and it was well paced, although the story wouldn’t make you die to see it again.  The sentiment is nice, but the bonus is the last minute of the show, where John tells Aeryn that she is his major weakness.  Despite the Aurora Chair and all that he’s been through, he couldn’t stand up to Scorpius if he used Aeryn as leverage, so they have to pretend that their love is over.  Nice writing.  🙂 8/10
Farscape DVD 4.6

Farscape DVD 4.6

Mental As AnythingScorpius takes Crichton, D’Argo, and Rygel into an advanced training camp where students learn mental discipline.  D’Argo is confronted with the arrival of Macton, the Peacekeeper who murdered D’Argo’s wife, Lo’Laan, then framed him for the crime.  When Scorpius forces Crichton into torturous anti-Scarran training, D’Argo must face demons from his past . . . alone.This was a good episode, although I’m not really a D’Argo fan.  I liked his wife, and the actresses who portrayed her puts a lot of emotion into her performance, which strengthened the episode for me.  Overall, it was enjoyable but not a season high. 8/10
4.16 Bringing Home the BeaconWhile purchasing a camouflage device fro Moya, Aeryn and Sikozu witness the nearby landing of a Peacekeeper squad let by Grayza and Braca.  Chiana and Noranti choose to undergo genetic manipulation to elude the searching Peacekeepers, but Aeryn and Sikozu spy on Grayza who has convened a secret meeting with Scarran emissaries.  Aware that the meeting could have catastrophic consequences, Aeryn decides to assassinate Grayza.This was a great episode with a shocking ending and yet another piece of excellent acting from Ben Browder and Claudia Black.  The suspense is high right-throughout, which can often be hard to maintain for 40 minutes, but this episode pulls it off.  Season 4 really kicks into high gear from this episode on. 9/10
Farscape DVD 4.7

Farscape DVD 4.7

A Constellation of DoubtHaving overheard Akkna, the Scarran Minister of War, mention the secret Scarran base known as Katratzi, Sikozu is sure that this is where the Scarrans intend to take their captive, Aeryn Sun.  Though Moya’s data banks have no record of Katratzi, Crichton’s sure he’s heard the word somewhere before, if only he could remember where.  Unable to sleep, Crichton pores over a documentary intercepted from Earth that examines the visit by “aliens” (Moya’s crew) and discovers that the documentary just might hold the key to locating Katratzi . . .  and Aeryn!This was an interesting episode.  It’s told in the form of a documentary, cutting back to the crew periodically, but the best part is once Crichton remembers where he heard the word before, which starts him on his journey toward rescuing Aeryn. 8/10
4.18 PrayerAeryn is being held captive aboard a Scarran freighter captained by Jenek, who’s determined to find out if Aeryn’s carrying Crichton’s child.  To discover the location of the Scarran base where Aeryn is being taken, Crichton and Scorpius travel through a wormhole to a mixed-up “unrealized reality” version of Moya.  As the others wait for their return, pursuing Peacekeepers draw closer.Once again, Ben Browder’s and Claudia Black’s acting is superb.  The whole story is excellent, undoubtedly the best of Season 4 so-far.  This is the kind of excellent episode that could have drawn in new Farscape viewers.  If only the writers could produce this kind of magic every episode! 10/10
Farscape DVD 4.8

Farscape DVD 4.8

We’re So Screwed Part I: Fetal AttractionMoya’s crew tracks Aeryn to a Scarran Border Station, where the freighter she is imprisoned upon is about to leave for Katratzi, a Scarran base.  To keep the ship docked and under quarantine, Noranti gives Rygel a deadly, contagious disease.  Though this gives the crew  time to come up with a plan to rescue Aeryn, they do not figure on the cunning and ruthlessness of Aeryn’s Scarran captor, Jenek.This begins what is probably Farscape’s best three-part storyline.  Right throughout, the pace and tension are kept up.  At no point does the story become boring or plodding, which can often be difficult when it spans many episodes.  There are a lot of touching moments between John and Aeryn, and even Rygel manages to make you laugh.  A top episode. 9/10
4.20 We’re So Screwed Part II: Hot to KatratziMoya’s crew travels to Katratzi, a Scarran base where Scorpius is being tortured for wormhole information. The base is home to both Kalish and Charrid forces-underlings for the Scarrans.  The crew plans to incite a confrontation between these two contingents, hoping this diversion will allow them to free Scorpius and prevent wormhole knowledge from falling into Scarran hands.Part II is just as good as part 1, and it’s good to see further character development and back-story for Sikozu.  What can I say except that it’s so sad that the beginning of Season 4 wasn’t as good as the end.  If Farscape had gotten viewers hooked earlier on in the Season with writing this good, we may well just have had Season 5.  🙁 9/10
Farscape DVD 4.9

Farscape DVD 4.9

We’re So Screwed Part III: La BombaAfter thwarting Crichton’s escape plan, Scorpius denies that he’s a Scarran spy and demands Crichton’s help to destroy a cavern of vital Scarran flora-claiming it will also provide them with a better means of escape.  And while Rygel and Noranti fight an evil Stark, Sikozu must reveal her true colors if they are all to survive.This was a great adventuresome kind of episode-kind of like a roller-coaster Farscape.  As with Part II, it was great to see even more character development for Sikozu.  This could have provided a great Season 5 storyline, but it’s still good that her character was left so interesting and powerful. 9/10
4.22 Bad TimingNow safely back on Moya, Crichton learns of the Scarrans’ intention to invade Earth.  He feverishly analyzes his wormhole data and comes up with a way to collapse the wormhole to Earth-but the method is not one he can implement alone.  Meanwhile, Braca demands Scorpius be released from Moya and returned safely to his Command Carrier-and Aeryn has a few surprises of her own, including the identity of her baby’s father.If only all shows could finish on such a high.  Often, end-of-series episodes can be very anti-climactic (think of virtually any Star Trek finale).  At least Farscape went out with a great episode.  From the tension of the wormhole story to the romantic final scene between Ben Browder and Claudia Black, this was one terrific conclusion to one of the greatest Sci-Fi shows of all time.  *sniff* Thanks to Ben Browder, Claudia Black, and all the cast, crew, and writers of Farscape for the fantastic ride. I’ll always be grateful to those who brought Farscape to the screen because without Farscape, I may never have become aware of the superlative actor, Ben Browder. As I said on my About page, I think he is the greatest actor EVER, and I am not only indebted to Farscape for letting his talent shine in the most incandescent way but for bringing him to my attention. Thanks again, and if Ben ever reads this, I just want to say, “Ben, you’re the best!” 10/10

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