Farscape Episode Guide: Season 3

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Farscape DVD 3.1

Farscape DVD 3.1

Season of Death—Although Scorpius’ Neural Chip has finally been removed, Crichton feels he has no reason to live: Aeryn is dead, his power of speech is gone, and the ‘clone’ of Scorpius’ personality remains in his mind. However, Zhaan has other ideas and plans . . .
A brilliant Episode to ‘kick-off’ Season 3. Suspense, Romance, and unselfish love. The only thing that takes away from this episode is that it’s quite violent, which I think could have turned new viewers away. For Farscape fans, however, it’s excellent.
9/10 9/10
3.02 Suns & LoversMoya’s crew head to a Commerce Station to spend their spoils, but the Station becomes severely damaged by violent storms, which in turn traps Moya in the docking cables. As it becomes clear that the storms are not natural phenomena, the crew looks to escape, but Aeryn must first rescue some trapped children, and the crew must free Moya. Meanwhile, D’argo must also deal with the ultimate betrayal by those closest to him.
The B plot with D’Argo seems more like the A plot, which is pretty thin, but the B Plot is good enough to make this a very good episode.
7/10 7/10
3.03 Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part I: Coulda, Woulda, ShouldaWhile searching for a planet to heal the dying Zhaan, Moya collides and fuses with a small spacecraft, seriously injuring Moya and trapping both ships in a series of looping wormholes. Crichton and Neeyala, the other ships’s captain, soon realize that one of the ships must be sacrificed if any of them are to survive.
Excellent episode, and a good opener for this duo of episodes. Very suspenseful, fast-paced, and well-told.
9/10 9/10
Farscape DVD 3.2

Farscape DVD 3.2

Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part II: Wait for the WheelHoping to preserve their own ship at Moya’s expense, Neeyala’s crew has been sabotaging Moya and hastening her disintegration. As the situation worsens, the only possibility of saving Moya requires one of Moya’s crew to make the ultimate sacrifice.
An excellent conclusion to ‘Self-Inflicted’ Wounds. As with the first episode, this one is fast-paced, well-told, and has a great level of poignancy.
9/10 9/10
3.05 . . . Different DestinationsWhile at a Peacekeeper Memorial, Crichton and the crew are pulled back in time into the middle of a great siege between Peacekeeper mercenaries and the Venek Horde. As they try to stay alive long enough to get back to their own time, they realize that their every action is changing the course of history, with devastating effects on the future of the planet.
This is one excellent episode. It would be one that I would choose to show to try to get people interested in Farscape. A terrific, well-told, suspenseful episode, it (again) has multiple levels of poignancy. This episode really pulled me into Farscape, as I bought this DVD before all the others.
10/10 10/10
Farscape DVD 3.3

Farscape DVD 3.3

Eat MeWith their transport pod damaged, Crichton, Chiana, D’Argo, and Jool are forced to land on an old, diseased Leviathan in a Peacekeeper Control Collar.  Their fears of running into Peacekeepers aboard the ship are soon replaced by terrifyingly real foes: mutant scavengers who are feeding on each other, the Leviathan’s Pilot, and the Leviathan itself . . . and Kaarvok, a madman with an horrific taste for brain matter.
OK, the season was going brilliantly, and I guess that couldn’t last forever, but this
episode is dren. It is probably the worst Farscape episode ever. There is only one reason anyone
should watch this episode (well, apart from Ben Browder, of course): a pivotal plot twist that has ramifications throughout the season. If you have it on DVD, skip to the last chapter-you ain’t missin’ nuthin’.
3/10 3/10
3.07 Thanks for SharingCrichton has been duplicated into two identical Crichtons.  Moya’s crew, trying to buy a healing agent for the injured gunship Talyn, becomes embroiled in  a planet’s deadly politics.  Meanwhile, Aeryn discovers that her own mother.  Xhalax Sun, is leading the Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad sent to recapture Talyn.
After ‘Eat Me’, there HAD to be a decent episode to follow . . . fortunately, Thanks for Sharing
is that episode. Clever writing, hysterical lines, great acting (well, Ben is superb in every episode), and another great plot twist. All-up, a solid Farscape ep. “Two thumbs up”.
9/10 9/10
3.08 Green-Eyed MonsterWhen Talyn is swallowed by a giant space creature, Crais’ neural connection to Talyn malfunctions, and he asks Aeryn to accept the ‘Hand of Friendship’ to help him control the hybrid gunship.  Meanwhile, Stark and Rygel come up with a way for Talyn to escape, but Crichton’s jealousy complicates the plan . . .
Great acting between Ben and Claudia make this an excellent episode.  The tone is kinda’ dark, but it’s a good exploration of human emotions and of the characters.  The story itself is OK, but the real story is (as always) the relationship between John and Aeryn.
8/10 8/10
Farscape DVD 3.4

Farscape DVD 3.4

Losing TimeAfter passing through a magnetic cluster, the crew experiences strange blackouts and periods of lost time. They discover that Pilot has been possessed by a being who is pursuing an evil ‘Energy Rider’. The being inside Pilot warns our crew that the Rider is inhabiting one of them and if that person isn’t found, and the Rider extracted, the crew will die.
A solid story (although reminiscent of a Star Trek TNG Ep) told at a terrific pace. Its being really tight makes it thoroughly enjoyable. Another Season 3 triumph.
8/10 9/10
3.10 RelativityAeryn’s mother’s (Xhalax) Retrieval Squad traces Talyn to a Jungle Planet where the gunship is recuperating. While Crichton, Aeryn, and Crais divert the squad away from Talyn, they realize the ship isn’t the only target. When Aeryn’s attempts to reason with Xhalax fail, she realizes that the pursuit of Talyn will not stop until Xhalax is dead.
Another stellar episode from the writers or Farscape. It seems that anytime Aeryn is involved, the writing and story are top-notch. Thoroughly enjoyable.
10/10 9/10
Farscape DVD 3.5

Farscape DVD 3.5

IncubatorWith his wormhole research stalling and his situation desperate, Scorpius inserts the original ‘neurochip’ into his own brain. He hopes to make contact with the clone of John’s personality that spilled into the chip when in Crichton’s brain. When they meet, Scorpius shows the Crichton clone his terrible, brutal upbringing at the hand of the Scarrans, hoping to persuade him to decode the wormhole equations. Meanwhile, a defecting Peacekeeper scientist offers the real Crichton the secret of wormhole travel in exchange for Moya.
Another very well-told story, which gives us insight into Scorpius’ character and a better understanding of his motivations. As with most of 3rd season, this story is well paced.
7/10 9/10
3.12 MeltdownTalyn draws dangerously close to a star, pulled by some mysterious force. Coinciding with this event is the appearance of two aliens, one of whom is responsible for for the radiation pulses that are compelling Leviathans to destroy themselves by flying into the star.
An average episode, and a bit of a disappointment, as Season 3 was going so well. The best bit of this episode is the electricity and humor between Aeryn and John.
5/10 7/10
Farscape DVD 3.6

Farscape DVD 3.6

Scratch ‘n’ SniffCrichton, D’Argo, Chiana, and Jool go to a planet for R&R. However, Chiana & Jool are lured into a drug dealer’s residence where they become the products from which the drugs are made!
This Moulin-Rouge-style episode is good for its drug message, although parts of it are taken a little too lightly. While the morale is good, the episode itself is just ‘good’ (and certainly not up to Season 3 standards).
6/10 6/10
3.14 Infinite Possibilities Part I: Daedalus DemandsAn Ancient appears on Talyn and accuses Crichton of sharing wormhole technology with the Charrids, a race who have formed an alliance with the Scarrans. Crichton realizes that Furlow (who once repaired Crichton’s module and had an interest in wormhole technology) is the real guilty party. With a Scarran Dreadnought heading toward the planet to collect Furlow’s data, the Ancient must unlock the wormhole technology in Crichton’s brain in order to destroy the Dreadnought.
This is part 1 of an excellent story. It’s well-told and returns to Season 3’s high standard. As usual, the cast are all at their peak. A pivotal Season 3 Ep.
9/10 9/10
Farscape DVD 3.7

Farscape DVD 3.7

Infinite Possibilities Part II: Icarus AbidesThe Ancient succeeds in unlocking the wormhole technology in Crichton’s brain allowing them to build a ‘Displacement Engine’ that will allow them to destroy the Dreadnought. Seeing the value of the weapon, Furlow double-crosses Crichton, killing the Ancient in the process. When Crichton pursues Furlow, he becomes fatally exposed to the weapon’s radiation!
An outstanding conclusion to an outstanding episode. In a touching finale, we wave goodbye to the Crichton clone (?), who has become romantically linked to Aeryn. Another must-see Season 3 Ep! Grab the Kleenex! 🙁
10/10 10/10
3.16 Revenging AngelA fight between D’Argo and Crichton over the malfunction of D’Argo’s mysterious new ship knocks Crichton unconscious. While unconscious, the Scorpius clone in Crichton’s mind tries to convince John that revenge against D’Argo is the only way to resolve the conflict.
This is the cartoon Farscape, and while it is funny, it can become a little tiresome. Overall, it’s an ‘O.K.’ episode.
3/10 7/10
Farscape DVD 3.8

Farscape DVD 3.8

The ChoiceGrieving for Crichton, Aeryn travels to a planet of mystics & frauds and makes contact with a man who claims to be her father. He in turn puts Aeryn in contact with a seer who is able to channel the dead Crichton. Not only does Aeryn meet her father and ‘see’ Crichton, she also meets her mother, whom she thought dead!
OK, this is the kind of episode that if anyone who wasn’t ‘into’ Farscape saw, it would put them off ever tuning in again. It’s gross; the story is plodding; and the only decent aspect of the whole episode is Aeryn. The worst episode of Season 3. How did it ever get past the first script?
3/10 3/10
3.18 FracturesNot far from Moya and Talyn’s expected rendezvous point, a damaged Leviathan Transport Pod (carrying more escaped prisoners and a Peacekeeper) docks with Moya for repair, complicating the long-awaited reunion between Moya and Talyn’s crew. When the Scarran is shot, it’s clear that someone aboard is a traitor.
There had to be a good episode after ‘The Choice’, and fortunately, this lives up to that. The dynamic between Aeryn and John is excellent, as we see Aeryn try to deal with the ‘clone’ of the man she loves more than life itself. It’s also a pivotal episode, as John’s clone has left a communication for the ‘real’ John, which leads Crichton on a mission to stop Scorpius!
6/10 8/10
Farscape DVD 3.9

Farscape DVD 3.9

I-Yensch, You-YenschRygel and D’Argo meet with Scorpius and Braca to negotiate Crichton’s safe passage onto the Command Carrier. As a safeguard against double-cross, Scorpius suggests that Crichton and Braca should wear matching I-Yensch bracelets that synchronize nerve impulses. However, before the deal is completed, 2 armed crazies burst into the diner and hold the negotiators captive! Meanwhile, Talyn becomes uncontrollable, and the only way to heal him is to shut him down to erase his personality!
This ‘could’ have been a lot better, but the powers-that-be decided to make the ‘armed crazies’ act like rat/pig/hyena creatures, which is just annoying and lowers Farscape’s credibility. 🙁
8/10 7/10
3.20 Into the Lion’s Den Part I: Lambs to the SlaughterCrichton and the rest of Moya begin their plan to destroy the Command Carrier, however, Scorpius becomes impatient with the slow progress.
The beginning of the end of Season 3, and it’s a triumph.  If people saw Part 1 and 2 of this story-arc, I think they’d be hooked.  Super, suspenseful story, which leaves the viewer hanging for more!!!
10/10 10/10
Farscape DVD 3.10

Farscape DVD 3.10

Into the Lion’s Den Part II: Wolf in Sheep’s ClothingOn the Command Carrier, Crichton is making incredible breakthroughs in his wormhole research, accessing information previously locked away.  His crew-mates are not so sure about the success of the plan and are debating whether to leave or stay.  Crais also has his own interests at heart, and when he is denied access to Talyn, he realizes that he needs a bargaining chip.
A superb (almost) end-of-season episode, which leaves one feeling like Farscape is coming to an end!  Where can they go from here!!!  The episode is absolutely excellent from beginning to end.
10/10 10/10
3.22 Dog with Two BonesMoya transports the remains of Talyn to a sacred leviathan burial ground. The people on board are at a crossroads, each wanting to pursue a separate path. Crichton dreams of returning to Earth with Aeryn at his side, but Aeryn is unsure. Upon entering the graveyard, Moya is attacked by a huge male leviathan. The crew must team-up once more to save their home, but it seems that no matter which way the battle goes, their intertwined fates are sure to unravel.
An excellent end-of-season cliffhanger, superbly written and thoroughly enjoyable. A real high-note on which to finish Season 3!

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