Farscape Episode Guide: Season 2

Episode Title Synopsis
Farscape DVD 2.1

Farscape DVD 2.1

Mind the Baby
Aeryn strikes a deal with a disgraced Crais in an attempt to save Crichton and D’Argo . . . Solid acting from everyone makes this a very fine episode and a great kickoff for Season 2.
8/10 9/10
2.02 Vitas Mortis
D’Argo must help an old Luxan holy woman in a death ritual; but all does not go as planned. . .
B: Very good episode and very intriguing. Holds your interest and attention.
A: I disagree. Yes, it’s intriguing . . . but at the end of the day, WHO CARES?
6/10 8/10
2.03 Taking the Stone
Distraught over the death of her brother, Chiana joins a group of thrill-seeking young aliens. . .
B: For me, John and Aeryn make this worthwhile, although it’s a Chiana episode.
A: While Claudia and Ben are their usual selves (i.e., excellent) this is Gigi’s episode. She is the best thing about it.
8/10 7/10
Farscape DVD 2.2

Farscape DVD 2.2

Crackers Don’t Matter
B: This episode is *SO* bad, it’s not worth giving a synopsis, as the plot is so thin. . . well, I’m still looking for it. The *ONLY* thing that saves this episode is Ben and Claudia’s excellent acting (That’s why I gave it a 5 and not a 1).
A: Brian is right: The plot is so thin you could sneeze through it. If I had to guess WHY it was written, it was to explore everyone’s character a little more and to see what they really think of each other. It also gave the cast a break from their usual character portrayals.
5/10 5/10
2.05 The Way We Weren’t
A Peacekeeper datacam reveals Aeryn was party to the execution of Moya’s original Pilot. . .
B: Great acting all round and an excellent insight into Aeryn BEFORE we all came to know and love her.
A: I concur. This episode is a MUST SEE!!!
10/10 10/10
Farscape DVD 2.3

Farscape DVD 2.3

Picture If You Will
Brian: Excellent Episode: Intriguing, Suspenseful, fun, etc. A triumph! 🙂
Ali:I’d say it’s intriguing. . . that’s about it.*
7/10 9/10
2.07 Home on the Remains
Ho Hum storyline; not enough Ben, and only Aeryn makes the episode truly worthwhile (she’s *SO* magnetic). Take Ben and Claudia out of this, and it’s a whole lotta nothin’.
7/10 6/10
Farscape DVD 2.4

Farscape DVD 2.4

Dream a Little Dream
Zhaan, Chiana, & Rygel find themselves embroiled in a criminal conspiracy.
B: Good Episode as it’s intriguing, though there’s not enough John or Aeryn. 🙁
A: I disagree. Farscape doesn’t NEED John and Aeryn in *every* episode to have a kick-ass ep. This is an example of such.
9/10 7/10
2.09 Out of Their Minds
An attack by aliens causes the minds of the crew to switch bodies!
Very funny episode. The story is good, but it’s the humor that really makes this episode.
7/10 8/10
Farscape DVD 2.5

Farscape DVD 2.5

Look at the Princess I: A Kiss Is but a Kiss 7/10 8/10
2.11 Look at the Princess II: I Do, I Think
2.12 Look at the Princess III: Maltese Crichton
To Keep the peace, Crichton is forced to marry a Princess, as they are the perfect match (in the Princess’ case) for procreation.This is a really enjoyable trilogy of episodes, with a very good emphasis on John and Aeryn’s relationship.
Farscape DVD 2.6

Farscape DVD 2.6

My Three Crichtons—A mysterious orb penetrates Moya and encapsulates John, eventually extruding three Crichtons: Past, Present, and Future versions!A good episode with an interesting spin. Good for ‘Scapers’, although this might be the kind of episode that would turn-off viewers who tuned-in to Farscape for the 1st time. 6/10 7/10
2.14 Beware of Dog—D’Argo is attacked by a parasite, whose poison is killing him. The crew uses a creature to track the parasite for an anti-venom, but is the creature the parasite??? Possibly Farscape’s worst special-effect. The B-Grade puppet really spoils this episode. Only Aeryn’s humor and John’s mind-struggles really keep this episode going. 6/10 7/10
Farscape DVD 2.7

Farscape DVD 2.7

Won’t Get Fooled Again—Crichton goes back to Earth, only this time he knows it’s not real. Before he loses it completely, he must work-out who is messing with his mind. This is an EXCELLENT episode—the kind that Ben Browder wins (or should win) awards for. Excellent stuff Ben. 9/10 10/10
2.16 The Locket—Crichton and Aeryn grow old together on an isolated planet, while Moya remains stuck in time! A really nice episode, with a good storyline; the only problem is that the story can be told quickly, which means that the episode seems to drag as it stretches-out for 45 minutes. The closing scene, however, is very poignant, so it gets an extra point. 8/10 8/10
Farscape DVD 2.8

Farscape DVD 2.8

The Ugly Truth—The Crew is interrogated by a race, following the destruction of one of their ships.  Unsure of who the guilty party
is, one of Moya’s crew must sacrifice themselves to save the others! If you’re a Trekker, then this episode will remind you of a several Episodes: Cause and Effect mixed with Chain of Command.
It was interesting to see the story come together and to see it from several angles.
4/10 7/10
2.18 A Clockwork Nebari—The Nebari finally catches-up with Chiana, leaving Moya’s crew mentally-cleansed.  Chiana herself learns the fate of her brother, Nerri. Apart from the gross ‘eye’ scene, this was a very good episode, and it fleshes-out both Chiana’s character and her people. 8/10 8/10
Farscape DVD 2.9

Farscape DVD 2.9

Liars, Guns, and Money
Part I: A Not-So-Simple Plan—
To save D’Argo’s son, Jothee, from a lifetime of slavery, the crew agrees to take part in a bank heist. . . Absolutely brilliant episode. I’ve never been so tense when watching Farscape. This is a movie-quality
episode, up there with the most suspenseful movies ever produced. An absolute masterpiece.
10/10 10/10
2.20 Liars, Guns, and Money
Part II: With Friends Like These

A great follow-up to the previous episode, although it lacks the suspense of Part 1.
7/10 8/10
Farscape DVD 2.10

Farscape DVD 2.10

Liars, Guns, and Money
Part III: Plan B
Another great episode in the trilogy. Again, full of suspense, although it would be hard to beat Part 1. The only part of the episode I didn’t enjoy is the treatment of Stark’s character, but other than that, it’s excellent, and a great end to the trilogy!
9/10 9/10
2.22 Die Me, Dichotomy—As the Neural Chip takes over his brain, Crichton attempts to return to Scorpius—with deadly consequences!
Thank goodness I got into Farscape through DVD and not through T.V.! If I had to wait from Season 2 to Season 3 for the end of this cliffhanger episode, I would *freak*! Another brilliant episode to finish the Season. At the risk of sounding boring, Ben’s and Claudia’s acting abilities are simply outstanding and gripping.
10/10 10/10

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