Farscape Episode Guide: Season 1

Episode Title Synopsis
1.01 Farscape DVD 1.1 Premiere
Emerging from a wormhole, John Crichton is brought on board a bio-mechanoid ship, Moya, whose crew consists of convicts trying to escape
the ‘Peacekeepers’.
9/10 8/10
1.02 Throne for a Loss: Rygel “borrows” a priceless crystal to impress the Tavleks—a battle-scarred renegade species whose real business is holding
hostages for ransom.
 7/10 7/10
1.03 Farscape DVD 1.2 Back and Back and Back to the Future: Moya rescues two ilanic scientists from their disintegrating spacecraft, but their transport pod exposes Crichton to a mysterious force that jolts him back and forth in time. 7/10 10/10
1.04 I, E.T.: Moya’s crew is forced to land on a swampy, earth-like (Dagobah-like, as Crichton refers to it! LOL!) planet to try to muffle a tracking signal. 7/10 8/10
1.05 Farscape DVD 1.3 Exodus from Genesis: ‘Space Debris’ invades Moya, but this is no ordinary debris! 8/10 8/10
1.06 Thank God It’s Friday . . . again: Crichton works hard to free D’Argo and Zhaan from a root that enslaves the inhabitants of the planet on which it is grown. 7/10 8/10
1.07 PK Tech Girl: The Crew discovers a derelict Peacekeeper Command Carrier, with a Sebacean Technician left on board. 6/10 9/10
1.08 Farscape DVD 1.4 That Old Black Magic: On a mysterious planet, Crichton is enticed by a ‘fortune teller’ to step inside his tent; once inside, Crichton’s spirit is literally torn from his body, and he soon finds himself battling Crais’ spirit.  Zhaan must reawaken a dark side to help retrieve Crichton! 8/10 8/10
1.09 DNA Mad Scientist: Moya’s crew seeks out Namtar, a geneticist able to provide star charts to the crew’s home worlds simply by examining their DNA. Namtar, however, has more nefarious motives! 8/10 9/10
1.10 Farscape DVD 1.5 They’ve Got a Secret: Carrying out a routine maintenance check on Moya, D’Argo slips and is ejected into space. After his rescue, he begins to have
flashbacks. Meanwhile, something is wrong with Moya . . .
8/10 9/10
1.11 Till the Blood Runs Clear: While researching solar flares, Crichton’s module is damaged, forcing him to land and to seek-out repairs.  While the ship is repaired, he and Aeryn are confronted by two vicious Worf, errr, wolf-like Bounty Hunters. 6/10 5/10
1.12 The Flax: While carrying-out training, Crichton and Aeryn’s transport is caught and immobilized by ‘The Flax’—an invisible drift-net controlled by Zenetan pirates. A former pirate offers to steer Moya clear of the net, for a small fee. 8/10 8/10
1.13 Farscape DVD 1.6 Rhapsody in BlueA Delvian sect tricks Moya’s crew into traveling to its planet to arrange a meeting between its leader (Tahleen) & Zhaan, for Zhaan possesses a power that once enabled her to survive a tragedy.  Zhaan’s power may now serve to stop Tahleen from a similar tragedy. 9/10 8/10
1.14 Jeremiah Crichton: When Moya unexpectedly starbursts, Crichton is forced to land on a planet where no mechanical devices function. The crew of Moya attempts a rescue, but such a rescue is difficult when nothing works and the locals expect Rygel (whom they believe their savior) to perform a miracle. Zhaan and Aeryn must retrieve the team before the locals turn on the stranded crew. 8/10 5/10
1.15 Farscape DVD 1.7 Durka Returns: An unfortunate Starburst brings Moya’s crew in contact with the Nebari . . . and Rygel’s first Peacekeeper torturer (Captain Durka) who has been mind-cleansed.  The same fate awaits an attractive young rebel: Chiana, upon whom John takes pity . . . 9/10/ 9/10
1.16 A Human Reaction: When John sees a wormhole with Earth at the end of it, he brings the Farscape Module into it.  When he wakes, he finds himself in Sydney, Australia . . . or is it? 10/10 10/10
1.17 Farscape DVD 1.8 Thru the Looking Glass: Moya misunderstands a conversation with the crew and attempts a Starburst, however, she is too weak to complete it and ends up caught in mid-Starburst.  The crew must work together to get Moya to complete the Starburst before Moya ‘splits’ under the pressure exacted by remaining in a state of flux. 5/10 5/10
1.18 A Bug’s Life: A group of ‘Black Ops’ Commandos comes on board with a  mysterious cargo: a virus that can infect a carrier and multiply at an astounding  rate.  The crew, pretending to be Peacekeepers, must work with the Commandos to contain the virus before it escapes and infects the entire system. 9/10 9/10
1.19 Farscape DVD 1.9 The Nerve: Aeryn is in mortal danger after being stabbed.  Chiana and John infiltrate a Peacekeeper base in order to find a tissue-sample that will save  Aeryn.  A Peacekeeper Tech, Gilina (who met and fell in love with John during a previous encounter) offers to help. The mission appears successful, but a  half-alien/half-sebacean Peacekeeper called Scorpius captures John . . . 10/10 10/10
1.20 Hidden Memory: Although still recovering from her near-death experience, Aeryn is determined to rescue Crichton, who is now being tortured by Scorpius and Crais (who was summoned by Scorpius)! 9/10 9/10
1.21 Farscape DVD 1.10 Bone to Be Wild: Hiding from the Peacekeepers in an asteroid field, Moya and crew risk their lives to help save an alien: M’Lee 4/10 5/10
1.22 Family Ties: Still hiding among the Asteroid Field, Rygel escapes and boards Scorpious’ ship in oder to make a deal to save himself and to sell-out Crichton and crew! 10/10 10/10

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