FanListings are an exciting new way for fans of many different topics to come together under one website. A FanList can be dedicated to an actor/singer/film and many other things . . . the best thing is that you only need an email address to join and, of course, you have to indicate where you live. That is the whole idea, to show that the fans are spread across the globe. FanLists were the idea of Janine Mischor and more information can be found at

If you would love to be part of this amazing new fan concept, then hop over to the form and start filling it in 🙂


Ok, just a few rules. Make sure you have read and understood them.

  1. You must like the person, why else are ya here?!
  2. You don’t have to have a website but you MUST include a valid email address in your Application Form .
  3. If you have a website, you must have a graphic/text link up, and it must be displayed on the main page or the FanListing section. It must be easy for me to find, otherwise your site won’t be listed!
  4. NO direct-linking! If you do, your site won’t be listed
  5. You must include your country . . . that’s the whole point of FanListings!
  6. No porn/nude/offensive/hate sites . . . these won’t be tolerated!
  7. No oDd tYPing, it’s annoying

If you have read, understood, and agreed, then fill out the form! (coming soon)

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