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Me in front of San FranciscoI live in Ireland and I love Sci-Fi, X-Men, Music, & Movies!

My Favorite music is from Gary Barlow/Take That, Westlife, Madonna, Duran Duran, KISS, Kylie, Def Leppard, & ABBA.

My Fave movies are Aliens, Star Wars, X-Men, Avengers, LoTR, etc.

My Favorite TV is American Dad, Arrow, and most Sci-Fi.

Of course, my favorite actor is Ben Browder!

Please note that I DO NOT KNOW BEN (I wish). However, if you want to contact me, eg, Affiliates, Site problems, etc, please send your Emails to brian. Obviously use this domain name after the @ sign, ie, brian@ben, etc.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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